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Wild Edible Plant

Mentha Longifolia


Family: Lamiaceae
English Common Name: Wild mint, Horsemint, Silver mint, White mint
Arabic Name: نعنع

Flowering Dates

Jan Feb Mar Aprl May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


  • Waste places and damp roadsides , margins of water Fresh canals, water bodies and natural springs.
  • Can grow in semi-shade (light woodland) or no shade and requires moist soil
  • Worldwide spread in temperate regions.

Cooking Tips

Edible Parts: Leaves
Modes of Consumption: Leaves are eaten raw in salads or cooked but they can also be dried and used as a condiment; An infusion can be made from the dried or fresh leaves; An essential oil obtained from the leaves and flowering tops is used as a food flavoring in sweets.

Wild Mint Turnover
Wild Mint with Kichik
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